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WiredContact Enterprise | Web and Mobile CRM Software
WCE's built-in feature set allows you to track every touch point with your contacts, such as recording results from calls and meetings, scheduling follow up activities with reminders, adding notes and/or photos, tracking attachments and calendaring.  The strong email and letter capabilities of WCE make it easy to communicate with contacts and automatically tracks all correspondence in history.

The WiredContact views make it easy to capture unlimited information about your contacts and accounts.  By performing targeted (or broad) lookups based on several parameters at once, you can access the records you require in an instant — and update them from various views.

The WiredContact web interface and back-end database is 100% customizable, so the views, work flow and navigation can be designed for your team to work as efficiently as possible — in real-time, without any hassles of synchronizing.

WiredContact Enterprise CRM — Product Feature Overview:
Practical sales tools — record all aspects of the deals in your pipeline. Generate sales forecasts and win/lost ratios — know where you stand on every opportunity. Use the sales management tools for cross-selling and penetrating accounts.

Update records from any view — on any web view, simply put your cursor on any field to update without navigating to the record. That means, for example, you can edit an address right from the Task List!

Find contacts instantly use the multi-field Lookup wizard to pinpoint the records you need. Search for contacts, history items, sales opportunities, activities and much more. Easily create saved queries for repetitive lookups.
Multi-dimensional exploding views expand views to see and update profile information, histories and more. Saves navigation time and makes it simple for updating. Create custom collections to display the information you need at your fingertips to work productively.
Track information with timestamps automatically record time and date when values change in a field. Great for managing length of sales cycles, i.e. run reports to see when contact status changed from prospect to customer.
Assign user security & options — WCE offers utmost flexibility in managing user access to records. Easily define record permissions, views and layouts based on security options and custom variables.

Powerful interactive reporting tools — numerous scoping and filtering options for on-the-fly custom reporting, along with standard reports and the ability to export to Excel and other formats.

Customize beyond the imagination open database allows unlimited tables, custom views, tabs, account centric and custom table centric views, record associations, links and much, much more to match the way your team needs to work. Easily create non-contact centric records and views.

Strong communications capabilities create mail-merge letters and graphically rich HTML emails. Send out email blasts that automatically record to each contact's history. Opt out function and requests for more info automatically updates record in your database.

Shared task list and calendaring managing activities within WCE is made easy with numerous sort and filters - not to mention the ability to manage other date-related information from other tables on the task list and graphical calendar.

Simple import /export & conversion tools import & append data to existing records from text, excel, CSV or SQL formats. The built-in tools convert entire ACT! databases to WCE, including custom fields.
Universal access to public documents stay organized and easily share unlimited documents in the Public and Corporate libraries. This makes it easy to find files to attach to emails.
On-line lead capture forms automatically capture and manage inquiries from your web site.
Easy integration with other applications — link external database sources from SQL, Access and other database types to WCE for a full picture of a records' information.
Customer Portals — provide on-line portals for your customers to log in to see and update information on a separate web site that interacts with your WiredContact database. Updates and requests made by your customer are automatically saved in WiredContact!

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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