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WiredContact Enterprise Family of Products | Web and Mobile CRM Software

Flexible On-line CRM to Help Drive Sales & Serve Your Customers

WiredContact Enterprise CRM

WiredContact Enterprise, our flagship product (informally known as WCE), delivers anytime, anywhere access to keep your team connected and better informed. The WiredContact Enterprise framework is completely open and extremely flexible, so you can easily manage your data and design the interface to look and behave as you wish. Read more >

WiredContact Enterprise Mobile CRM
The mobile version of WCE is available on Blackberries, iPhones and any other web-enabled device. It uses the same engine as the flagship product with views designed for a smaller display. You get all of the advanced features on a product that makes it easy to carry with you on the road. Included with your WCE license. Read more >

WiredContact Web Lead Catcher
When visitors complete the on-line form from your Company's web site, the leads can be automatically entered into your WiredContact database! This form is included with your WiredContact license. Read more >

WiredContact Customer Portal
Interact with your customers and partners more readily by providing a Portal for them to update information and have it automatically entered in your WiredContact database. Read more >

WiredContact Addon Solutions
Enhance your WCE experience with wceOutlook integration and many other addon products. Read more >

WiredContact for ACT! Upgrade
Customers currently using WiredContact for ACT! or any version of ACT! can easily upgrade to WiredContact Enterprise to take advantage of the open architecture and on-going new features! Converting your database and views is painless. Read more >

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials
WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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