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WiredContact Enterprise Technology | Web and Mobile CRM Software
There are many reasons why WiredContact Enterprise is the CRM "Cloud Computing" solution of choice for thousands of companies worldwide. To help you through the clutter, we've compiled a short list of why WiredContact is considered the best valued CRM solution on the market today (in no specific order):

  1. Easy to Use, Intuitive
    We provide practical ways to work productively with our multi-tab layout. Easily drill down on information without flipping to various screens. Many other apps overcrowd their CRM with non-useful features, making it cumbersome and hard to use. We make it simple for you, backed with powerful features so you get information at your fingertips.

  2. Instant Access from any Browser
    Regardless of your platform, you get real-time access to all your CRM information from your device of choice - computer, tablet or smart phone.

  3. Comprehensive Task Automation
    Schedule automated reports, alerts on customer milestones and follow up activities so you capitalize on every opportunity. WiredContact's powerful functionality allows you to mold the navigation, views and work flow for your Company's unique sales process.

  4. Restrict Views by Region, Team or Individual
    Easily limit the records, views and fields a User can access, update and delete to preserve data integrity. Perfect for company hierarchies.

  5. Flexible Interface Designed for your Sales Process
    Capture and track the information specific to your sales process so you can close more deals and build strong, lasting relationships. Create custom tabs, views, menu links, reports so you can lookup the information you need instantly.

  6. Fast Deployment Options
    Host in the WiredContact Cloud or self-host on your servers. Either way, your team can start working more productively in just a few hours.

  7. Affordable - Low Cost of Entry
    No other CRM solution in its class provides so much functionality. Affordable CRM that you can host (no contracts!) or own and manage on-premise.

  8. Connect to other Data Sources
    Link WiredContact to external applications so your team has access to more information. Create views for your CRM users to easily search for information relevant to the sales cycle.

  9. Browser-based Console for Easy Administration
    Manage your settings, profiles, users and fields with ease. Customize WiredContact with your locale for use worldwide. Even assign remote admin.

  10. Great Support Backed by 20 Years of CRM Expertise
    WiredContact Enterprise has been built from the ground up with the same hands-on Management team. The continuity in software development, along with the wealth of experience gained by working with thousands of salespeople, has enabled us to deliver exceptionally high quality software, unsurpassed in functionality and ease of use.


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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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