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WiredContact Enterprise for ACT! | Web and Mobile CRM Software
Our original web solution, WiredContact for ACT! was introduced in 1999 and was used by thousands of people worldwide. Over 5 years ago, we released WiredContact Enterprise as our customers demanded a more flexible CRM solution. WiredContact Enterprise steps away from using ACT! and connects to industry standard relational databases to provide powerful functionality so you can work even more productively!

Upgrade Now to WiredContact Enterprise
Upgrading to WiredContact Enterprise provides a platform that is stable, scalable and offers much more flexibility in managing your information. We've added a tremendous amount of functionality to make it easier to find information quickly and adapt to your workflow. 

Your entire ACT! database — contacts, notes, history, activities, opportunities, custom fields, attachments, groups, etc. — is seamlessly converted to a industry standard relational database with our built-in conversion utility. Plus, all of your customized WiredContact for ACT! views are preserved!

Overall WCE Upgrade Benefits:  Easier to find, update and view information; significant enhanced user productivity; better performance; better administrative tools; more customizable; more flexibility to design software to the way your users work; more user security and permissions; better architecture using industry standard relational databases.

Here is a list of just some of the new features you'll get by upgrading:
  • Dynamic pages so pages are interactive - fields can be updated and saved automatically without clicking a save button.  (Undo button also now available.) Watch Video Watch Demo
  • Lookups are available on any field in the History, Sales and Activity tables so you can search for records by any dimension, not just contact details. Watch Video Watch Demo
  • Exploding views on the Lookup, Task List (or wherever you want) to see & update information, such as contact details, last 3 activity and/or history items right in the list view.
  • "Collections" tabs which are automatic groups that display records in a tab based on your parameters. Watch Video Watch Demo
  • Company & Company history tabs
  • Merge contact capabilities
  • Opt out email features
  • Corporate library for each company (optional)
  • Create linkfield profiles to auto populate information from one record to another 
  • Users control start page upon Login
  • Delete lookups; delete groups
  • Use of multiple identities for email
  • Ability to add relational tables and link to contacts and accounts
  • Much, much more!

Visit our Features Overview and Top Ten List for more in-depth information on how WiredContact Enterprise can work harder for you so you can sell more.

WiredContact Enterprise is used by thousands of former ACT! users worldwide!

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials
WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

Try the WiredContact Enterprise Online Demo >
Try the WiredContact Enterprise Online Demo >
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