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WiredContact Enterprise Web and Mobile CRM Software System
Dedicated to delivering high quality sales CRM software
WiredContact Worldwide, headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, has been delivering CRM solutions to companies worldwide for over 15 years. Our flagship software, WiredContact Enterprise is web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to enable sales teams and workgroups to easily access and share real-time information. 

The online and mobile versions help companies drive sales, track daily customer interactions and manage business relationships.  WiredContact Enterprise is easy to use, quick-to-implement and provides unparalleled customization, integration and flexibility options.
Our sole focus is dedicated to the development, sales and support of WiredContact Enterprise. Our hands-on management team is fully engaged with our customers to help them maximize productivity with their CRM software.  The insights gained give us the ability to architect software that is designed with powerful, yet practical features, and allow us to quickly respond to customer requests.

WiredContact Worldwide is a division of Practical Sales Tools, Inc., a business that has grown organically since it was incorporated in 1996 as a privately held Company. 

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials
WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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