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WiredContact Enterprise Solutions for Managers | Web and Mobile CRM Software
Track every sales lead and opportunity at a glance — managing your team has never been this simple.

Sales Database and Opportunity Management
As the manager, you need to be responsible for activity — not simply reporting on results. With WiredContact Enterprise, you can track every stage of the sales process with ease. Your sales process is easily customized to the way you want your sales people to work. WiredContact places you in control and gives the tools for your team to really excel and see where they are every step of the way.

Centralized Customer Information
With WiredContact Enterprise, you avoid having islands of customer data stored on individual computers and separate Excel files where it can get lost. With your customer data in one place, your corporate intelligence is safe and continually being updated. It's simple to re-assign acccounts when new salespeople come on board so they get selling right away!

Key account selling and Sales Management
Territories and areas within the software may need to be controlled, yet you may want to grant access to other branches of the same company without the ability to edit the record to other support staff. With WiredContact you have as many "teams" as you need with the access permissions you desire. You decide on the criteria and you implement it — ensuring that everyone in the Company sees exactly what you need them to see, regardless of their location or access device. Work flow can be controlled to deliver outstanding customer service from every department.

Automate Tasks and Processes
At any pre-sale or post-sale stage, there will be tasks that need to be completed to a specific standard. Automating tasks can help raise those standards and help your team be more productive and proactive in servicing your customers.

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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